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Symfonys facade for The Laravel Framework.

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Symfonys facade for Laravel5

This package lets you use Symfony2 specific bundles inside Laravel5 application. Simply add you Symfony centric bundle to composer.json install it, configure it and enjoy it ;)

It supporst such features as:

  • Symfony's dependency injection container that loads from standard symfony config files.

  • Route porting. Routes that are configured in routes.yml files are being accessible from Laravel.

  • Symfony commands can be executed with artisan command of from admin form.

As this package is still in early beta, not all functions and compatibilities are tested and developed.

Installation and configuration

Add it to composer:

$ composer require vilnius-technology/symfonys-facade dev-master

Register pacakage

Add this to the bottom of your config\app.php in to providers key:

  * Custom

In namespace VilniusTechnology (path: $LARVEL_PROJECT_ROOT/packages/VilniusTechnology/) create file SymfonyBundles.php, with these contents:

    namespace VilniusTechnology;
    class SymfonyBundles
        public static function getBundles()
            return [

This is where your Symfony bundles will be registered. Familiar isn't it? :)

Add bundle loading class namespace loading to composer.json:

 "psr-4": {
             "App\\": "app/",
             "VilniusTechnology\\": "packages/VilniusTechnology/"

You can change it to your, but if you will follow tutorial, this is default registered bundles loader. More details in configuration section.

Now run composer dump-autoload.

Copy contents of vendor/vilnius-technology/symfony-facade/Tests/symfony/config to storage/app/symfony/config. You can do this by running command: mkdir storage/app/symfony/config ; cp -a vendor/vilnius-technology/symfonys-facade/Tests/symfony/config storage/app/symfony.

Into console run command: php artisan symfony:command 'debug:container'.

If you got a list of symfonys services, congrats. Now You can move to symfonys bundle instalations on Laravel 5.1 tutorial.

Follow this example tutorial tutorial to get know, how precisely install Symfony2 bundles, with default configuration

As you noticed You can use symfony commands by passing them to php artisan symfony:command '$SYMFONY2_COMMAND'

Customizable configuration

First you can enter configuration parameters in app.php file.

This can be done by adding following lines to app.php file:

    'symfonysfacade_app_dir' => 'storage/symfony', #relative to laravel app dir
    'symfonysfacade_log_dir' => 'storage/symfony/logs', #relative to laravel app dir
    'symfonysfacade_bundles' => '\VilniusTechnology\SymfonyBundles',

If you wont do that default, ones are set in $LARVEL_PROJECT_ROOT/storage/app/symfony/env ending with your projects deployment environment.

Setting symfonysfacade_app_dir - specifies symfony working directory path (where cache and config.yml files are stored). Cache and log directories will be stored there also.

Setting symfonysfacade_bundles - specifies namespace where Symfonys bundles are registered. In this case use \VilniusTechnology\SymfonyBundles, if you are following this document as tutorial. In other words namespace from:

 "psr-4": {
            [ ... ]
            "VilniusTechnology\\": "packages/VilniusTechnology/",
            [ ... ]

should be used.

In this file, you will be registering your Symfony bundles.

In path that was specified in symfonysfacade_app_dir (storage/symfony) create directory config In it you should create or copy, usual symfonys configuration files (config.yml, parameters.yml and security.yml).


This bundle is under the MIT license.

Some other stuff

Probably there is natural question, why use Symfony's bundles in Laravel. Answer is: Because I wanted so... :D

Yes for libraries, not bundles, there is no need to use such thing. But in World Wide Web there is many good bundles, that are using actual Symfony framework.

So as I wanted to use Symfony specific bundle in Laravel5 project, that I didnt saw to be ported easily. At the end of the day we have this package.

Also this facde can be usefull if in need of fast prototyping. Jus include it, register it and you have Symfony inside Laravel5 ;)