Simple Slim Framework 3 skeleton with Twig, Monolog, Doctrine.

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Last update: 2022-11-23 15:32:51 UTC


This is a simple skeleton project for Slim 3 that includes Doctrine, Twig, Flash messages and Monolog.

Base on https://github.com/akrabat/slim3-skeleton


  1. Create your project:

    `$ composer create-project -n -s dev vhchung/slim3-skeleton-mvc your-app`
  2. Execute your-app\sql\blog.sql to create sample database (MySQL)

  3. Change database connection settings at entities_generator.php and app/settings.php

  4. Generate models (Doctrine entities):

$ cd your-app
$ php entities_generator.php

Add namespace for each model: namespace App\Model;

Notice: Delete all models before re-generate to update models.

Run it:

  1. $ cd your-app
  2. $ php -S -t public/
  3. Browse to http://localhost:8888


Set logs and cache folder permission to writable when deploy to production environment

Key directories

  • app: Application code
  • app/src: All class files within the App namespace
  • app/templates: Twig template files
  • cache/twig: Twig's Autocreated cache files
  • log: Log files
  • public: Webserver root
  • vendor: Composer dependencies
  • sql: sql dump file for sample database

Key files

  • public/index.php: Entry point to application
  • app/settings.php: Configuration
  • app/dependencies.php: Services for Pimple
  • app/middleware.php: Application middleware
  • app/routes.php: All application routes are here
  • app/src/controllers/HomeController.php: Controller class for the home page
  • app/src/models/Post.php: Entity class for post table
  • app/templates/home.twig: Twig template file for the home page