VDMi Project Skeleton for Drupal 8 projects with composer

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8.x-dev 2016-03-07 09:47 UTC

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Last update: 2020-06-06 12:19:57 UTC


This project template provides a way to kickstart a Drupal project using Composer dependencies, it automatically generates a base profile, theme and config. After following the instructions shown with create-project you have a working Drupal site ready for development.

Based on the work of Drupal Composer.


First you need to install composer.

Note: The instructions below refer to the global composer installation. You might need to replace composer with php composer.phar (or similar) for your setup.

After that you can create the project:

composer create-project vdmi/d8-skeleton --stability dev --no-interaction destination

destination is the target directory in which the project will be generated.

After the composer create-project, enter the destination directory and follow the instructions given by Composer.