Zend expressive 2. User handling (Alpha)

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-07 01:41:30 UTC




It is under active development. (WIP) Not suitable for production.


Commong User handling task for zend expressive 2 application. currently supports MongoDB based database, JSON-API payload. Does not includes any view templates or view helpers. Its end points meant to be consumed by API clients. Though it is easily possible to compose a view from UserService and use customized view.


  1. User is able to register and login
  2. User can reset their password and email with mail verification. auto discarded reset tokens.
  3. Customizable mail template for notifying user and admin
  4. User can be fetched via url
  5. Access token based authentication

Future plan

  1. Currently it only supports mongodb. would add doctrine ORM (mysql) and zend-db
  2. Currently it only supports json-api payload. Would add other payload.
  3. Add event hook for all process


$composer require varuog/zfe-user

Copy file from instllation directory to config\autoload\ and rename it to

Copy data\language folder from zfe-user and paste it to application data directory Create other directory data\proxies, data\hydrators, data\document

Copy template folder from zfe-user and paste to application template folder Add this code block to config\atuoload\ under dependency keys

 'dependencies' => [
             * Copy this block
            'delegators' => [
             * It should be called from other project
            Application::class => [
             * Set up translator resource
            Zend\I18n\Translator\TranslatorInterface::class => [


Abstract Factories for all action are based on @xtreamwayz one ActionFactory for all