let buyable item can add to cart

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Let buyable item can add to cart, and make order with cart's items, and also provide payment feature.

This package depends on:


composer require unisharp/cart dev-master

Cart Usages

Use Api

Include api into api.php

Route::group(['prefix' => 'v1'], function () {

route lists:

Method Uri Comment
POST api/v1/carts Create the cart
DELETE api/v1/carts/{cart} Delete the cart and cart's items
GET api/v1/carts/{cart} Get the cart and cart's items
PUT api/v1/carts/{cart} Add item(s) to the cart
POST api/v1/carts/{cart} Refresh cart and add item(s) to the cart
DELETE api/v1/carts/{cart}/{item} Remove a item from the cart

Use CartManager

Create a new cart

$cart = CartManager::make();

Get a exist cart

$cart = CartManager::make($cart);

Add item to the cart

$item = new Item([
    'id' => 1,
    '$quantity' => 10,
    'extra' => [
        'comment' => '...'

$cart->add($item->id, $item->quantity, $item->extra)->save();

Get cart's items


Remove item from the cart


Clean cart's items


Destroy the cart


Order Usages

Use Api

Include api into api.php

Route::group(['prefix' => 'v1'], function () {

route lists:

Method Uri Comment
POST api/v1/orders Create an order
GET api/v1/orders List all orders
DELETE api/v1/orders/{order} Delete the order
PUT api/v1/orders/{order} Update the order's status, price and shipping_status
GET api/v1/orders/{order} Get the order
DELETE api/v1/orders/{order}/{item} Remove a item from the order
GET api/v1/user/me/order-items Get current user's orders

Use OrderManager

Create an order manager

// Get order manager
$order = OrderManager::make();

// Assign operator

// Checkout cart's items and buyer and receiver's information
$items = CartManager::make($cart)->getItems();
$information = [
    'buyer' => [],
    'receiver' => [],
    'payment' => 'credit'
$order->checkout(items, informations)

Get an exist order

$order = OrderManager::make($order)->getOrderInstance();

Pricing Usages

Both of CartManager and OrderManager already have trait

class CartManager
    use CanPricing;

Customize pricing module

use UniSharp\Pricing\Pricing;
use UniSharp\Pricing\ModuleContract;

class CustomPricingModule implements ModuleContract
    public function handle(Pricing $pricing, Closure $next)
        return $next($pricing);

    public function finish(Pricing $pricing)

Set Custom pricing module in config/pricing.php

return [
    'modules' => [

Get pricing

// get original price

// get total price

// get fee

More details on unisharp/pricing

Payment Usages

Set payment gateway config

return [
    'payment' => [
        'driver'         => 'EcPay',
        'merchantId'     => '2000132',
        'hashKey'        => '5294y06JbISpM5x9',
        'hashIV'         => 'v77hoKGq4kWxNNIS',
        'actionUrl'      => 'https://payment-stage.ecpay.com.tw/Cashier/AioCheckOut/',
        'returnUrl'      => 'https://localhost/payment/confirm',
        'notifyUrl'      => 'https://localhost/payment/notify',
        'clientBackUrl'  => 'https://localhost/payment/return',
        'paymentInfoUrl' => 'https://localhost/payment/information' 

Set api into api.php

// Include payment api
Route::group(['prefix' => 'v1'], function () {

// Implement payment response url
Route::group(['prefix' => 'v1/payment'], function () {
    Route::get('confirm', function () {...});
    Route::get('notify', function () {...});
    Route::get('return', function () {...});
    Route::get('information', function () {...});
Method Uri Comment
GET api/v1/orders/{order}/pay Call payment
GET api/v1/payment/confirm Payment completed url
GET api/v1/payment/notify Notify url
GET api/v1/payment/return Client back url
GET api/v1/payment/information Payment Information url