This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

A doctrine orm service provider

1.0.0 2014-09-14 10:58 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-06-11 20:39:38 UTC


No Maintenance Intended

This provider is a very leightweight doctrine orm service provider for silex projects. It can only handle simple annotations like @Entity, @Table and so long. But in many cases this is sufficient.

Install via composer:

Add 'tm/silex-doctrine-orm-service-provider' to the dependencies in your projects composer.json file and update your dependencies.

A usage example:

$app->register(new TM\Provider\DoctrineORMServiceProvider(), array(
    'orm.options' => array(
        'proxies_dir' => __DIR__ . '/cache/doctrine/proxies', // set to null if you want to use the system configured directory path for temporary files
        'entity_dirs' => array(
            array('path' => __DIR__ . '/../src/Foo/Entity'),
            array('path' => __DIR__ . '/../src/Bar/Entity'),
            // ...
        'annotations' => array(
            __DIR__ . '/../vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/Mapping/Driver/DoctrineAnnotations.php'

/* @var $em \Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager */
$em = $app['orm.em'];

// ... use $em in your application

So all entites in the namespaces Foo\Entity (for example Foo\Entity\Blog, Foo\Entity\Post and Foo\Entity\Comment) and Bar\Entity are mapped and can be handeled with the entity-manager.

If you need more advanced options please use dflydev-doctrine-orm-service-provider instead.