This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Solana PHP SDK

v0.3.2 2022-03-04 21:44 UTC


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⚠️ As of May 2023, this package is up for adoption again! Feel free to ping https://github.com/neverything. Sadly we never got around to accomplish what we wanted at Verze, so we no longer work on the project and therefore this package is looking for new hands to work on it. Use at your own risk. Verze will not provide any support for this package as it exists right now; please don't email us expecting any support.

Simple PHP SDK for Solana.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require tightenco/solana-php-sdk


Using the Solana simple client

You can use the Connection class for convenient access to API methods. Some are defined in the code:

use Tighten\SolanaPhpSdk\Connection;
use Tighten\SolanaPhpSdk\SolanaRpcClient;

// Using a defined method
$sdk = new Connection(new SolanaRpcClient(SolanaRpcClient::MAINNET_ENDPOINT));
$accountInfo = $sdk->getAccountInfo('4fYNw3dojWmQ4dXtSGE9epjRGy9pFSx62YypT7avPYvA');

For all the possible methods, see the API documentation.

Directly using the RPC client

The Connection class is just a light convenience layer on top of the RPC client. You can, if you want, use the client directly, which allows you to work with the full Response object:

use Tighten\SolanaPhpSdk\SolanaRpcClient;

$client = new SolanaRpcClient(SolanaRpcClient::MAINNET_ENDPOINT);
$accountInfoResponse = $client->call('getAccountInfo', ['4fYNw3dojWmQ4dXtSGE9epjRGy9pFSx62YypT7avPYvA']);
$accountInfoBody = $accountInfoResponse->json();
$accountInfoStatusCode = $accountInfoResponse->getStatusCode();


Here is working example of sending a transfer instruction to the Solana blockchain:

$client = new SolanaRpcClient(SolanaRpcClient::DEVNET_ENDPOINT);
$connection = new Connection($client);
$fromPublicKey = KeyPair::fromSecretKey([...]);
$toPublicKey = new PublicKey('J3dxNj7nDRRqRRXuEMynDG57DkZK4jYRuv3Garmb1i99');
$instruction = SystemProgram::transfer(

$transaction = new Transaction(null, null, $fromPublicKey->getPublicKey());

$txHash = $connection->sendTransaction($transaction, $fromPublicKey);

Note: This project is in alpha, the code to generate instructions is still being worked on $instruction = SystemProgram::abc()


  1. Borsh serialize and deserialize.
  2. Improved documentation.
  3. Build out more of the Connection, SystemProgram, TokenProgram, MetaplexProgram classes.
  4. Improve abstractions around working with binary data.
  5. Optimizations:
    1. Leverage PHP more.
    2. Better cache $recentBlockhash when sending transactions.
  6. Suggestions? Open an issue or PR :D


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Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email security@verze.app instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.