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Install (Requires PHP 7.3+)

composer global require tightenco/tlint


composer global update tightenco/tlint

What Is It?

This is an opinionated code linter (with growing support for auto-formatting!) for Tighten flavored code conventions for Laravel and PHP.

For example, Laravel has many available ways to pass variables from a controller to a view:


$value = 'Hello, World!';

return view('view', compact('value'));


return view('view', ['value' => 'Hello, World!']);


return view('view')
    ->with('value', 'Hello, World!');

In this case TLint will warn if you are not using the B) method. This example is a sort of "meta layer" of code linting, allowing teams to avoid higher level sticking points of code review / discussions.

TLint also has more immediately useful lints that can supplement your editor/IDE such as:

  • NoUnusedImports
  • TrailingCommasOnArrays
  • And many more! (See below for full listing)


For entire project (you must pass the lint command to use other options)


For individual files and specific directories

tlint lint index.php
tlint lint app

You can also lint only diff files by running the following with unstaged git changes

tlint lint --diff
tlint lint src --diff

Want the output from a file as JSON? (Primarily used for integration with editor plugins)

tlint lint test.php --json

Want to only run a single linter?

tlint lint --only=UseConfigOverEnv

Example Output

Linting TestLaravelApp/routes/web.php
! Prefer `view(...)->with(...)` over `view(..., [...])`.
5 : `    return view('test', ['test' => 'test']);``

Formatting (Beta)

Using the same conventions as above, but using the format command, you can auto-fix some lints:

tlint format

Linting Configuration

TLint Ships with 2 "preset" styles: Laravel & Tighten. The Laravel preset is intended to match the conventions agreed upon by the Laravel framework contributors, while the Tighten preset is intended to match those agreed upon by Tighten team members.

The default configuration is "tighten" flavored, but you may change this by adding a tlint.json file to your project's root directory with the following schema:

You may further customize the linters used by adding specific lint names to the "disabled" list (As shown below). You may disable linting for specific directories by adding them to the "excluded" list (As shown below).

    "preset": "laravel",
    "disabled": ["NoInlineVarDocs"],
    "excluded": ["tests/"]

Custom Configuration & Presets

You can also add your own custom preset and linters by providing a fully-qualified class name as the preset. For example, if you created a custom preset class:

namespace App\Support\Linting;

/** use ... */

class Preset implements PresetInterface
  public function getLinters() : array
    return [

  public function getFormatters() : array
    return [];

Then your config could look like:

    "preset": "App\\Support\\Linting\\Preset"

This lets you define whatever custom linting functionality, or modify the existing linters to your liking.

Formatting Configuration (Beta)

Similar to linting there are two "preset" styles for formatting: Laravel & Tighten.

The default configuration is "tighten", but you may change this by adding a tformat.json file to your project's root directory with the following schema:

    "preset": "laravel"

Editor Integrations







Available Linters

Linter Description
AlphabeticalImports Imports should be ordered alphabetically.
ApplyMiddlewareInRoutes Apply middleware in routes (not controllers).
ArrayParametersOverViewWith Prefer view(..., [...]) over view(...)->with(...).
ClassThingsOrder Class "things" should follow the ordering presented in the handbook.
ConcatenationNoSpacing There should be no space around . concatenations, and additional lines should always start with a .
ConcatenationSpacing There should be 1 space around . concatenations, and additional lines should always start with a .
FullyQualifiedFacades Import facades using their full namespace.
ImportFacades Import facades (don't use aliases).
MailableMethodsInBuild Mailable values (from and subject etc) should be set in build().
ModelMethodOrder Model method order should be: booting > boot > booted > custom_static > relationships > scopes > accessors > mutators > custom
NewLineAtEndOfFile File should end with a new line
NoCompact There should be no calls to compact() in controllers
NoDatesPropertyOnModels The $dates property was deprecated in Laravel 8. Use $casts instead.
NoDocBlocksForMigrationUpDown Remove doc blocks from the up and down method in migrations.
NoDump There should be no calls to dd(), dump(), ray(), or var_dump()
NoInlineVarDocs No /** @var ClassName $var */ inline docs. ref
NoJsonDirective Use blade {{ $model }} auto escaping for models, and double quotes via json_encode over @json blade directive: <vue-comp :values='@json($var)'> -> <vue-comp :values="{{ $model }}"> OR <vue-comp :values="{{ json_encode($var) }}">
NoLeadingSlashesOnRoutePaths No leading slashes on route paths.
NoMethodVisibilityInTests There should be no method visibility in test methods. ref
NoParensEmptyInstantiations No parenthesis on empty instantiations
NoRequestAll No request()->all(). Use request()->only(...) to retrieve specific input values.
NoSpaceAfterBladeDirectives No space between blade template directive names and the opening paren:@section ( -> @section(
NoStringInterpolationWithoutBraces Never use string interpolation without braces
NoUnusedImports There should be no unused imports.
OneLineBetweenClassVisibilityChanges Class members of differing visibility must be separated by a blank line
PureRestControllers You should not mix restful and non-restful public methods in a controller
QualifiedNamesOnlyForClassName Fully Qualified Class Names should only be used for accessing class names
RemoveLeadingSlashNamespaces Prefer Namespace\... over \Namespace\....
RequestHelperFunctionWherePossible Use the request(...) helper function directly to access request values wherever possible
RequestValidation Use request()->validate(...) helper function or extract a FormRequest instead of using $this->validate(...) in controllers
RestControllersMethodOrder REST methods in controllers should match the ordering here: https://laravel.com/docs/controllers#restful-partial-resource-routes
SpaceAfterBladeDirectives Put a space between blade control structure names and the opening paren:@if( -> @if (
SpaceAfterSoleNotOperator There should be a space after sole ! operators
SpacesAroundBladeRenderContent Spaces around blade rendered content:{{1 + 1}} -> {{ 1 + 1 }}
TrailingCommasOnArrays Multiline arrays should have trailing commas
UseAnonymousMigrations Prefer returning an anonymous class from migration files
UseAuthHelperOverFacade Prefer the auth() helper function over the Auth Facade.
UseConfigOverEnv Don’t use environment variables directly; instead, use them in config files and call config vars from code
ViewWithOverArrayParameters Prefer view(...)->with(...) over view(..., [...]).

General PHP

  • AlphabeticalImports
  • ClassThingsOrder
  • ConcatenationSpacing
  • NewLineAtEndOfFile
  • NoInlineVarDocs
  • NoParensEmptyInstantiations
  • NoStringInterpolationWithoutBraces
  • NoUnusedImports
  • OneLineBetweenClassVisibilityChanges
  • QualifiedNamesOnlyForClassName
  • RemoveLeadingSlashNamespaces
  • SpaceAfterSoleNotOperator
  • TrailingCommasOnArrays


  • NoMethodVisibilityInTests


  • ApplyMiddlewareInRoutes
  • ArrayParametersOverViewWith
  • FullyQualifiedFacades
  • ImportFacades
  • MailableMethodsInBuild
  • NoLeadingSlashesOnRoutePaths
  • ModelMethodOrder
  • NoDocBlocksForMigrationUpDown
  • NoDump
  • NoJsonDirective
  • NoSpaceAfterBladeDirectives, SpaceAfterBladeDirectives
  • PureRestControllers
  • RequestHelperFunctionWherePossible
  • RequestValidation
  • RestControllersMethodOrder
  • SpacesAroundBladeRenderContent
  • UseAnonymousMigrations
  • UseAuthHelperOverFacade
  • UseConfigOverEnv
  • ViewWithOverArrayParameters

Available Formatters (Beta)

Notes about formatting

  • Formatting is designed to alter the least amount of code possible.
  • Import related formatters are not designed to alter grouped imports.
Formatter Description
AlphabeticalImports Alphabetizes import statements.
ExcessSpaceBetweenAndAfterImports Removes excess newlines around use statements.
FullyQualifiedFacades Import facades using their full namespace.
NewLineAtEndOfFile Applies a newline at the end of files.
NoDatesPropertyOnModels Use $casts instead of $dates on Eloquent models.
NoDocBlocksForMigrationUpDown Removes doc blocks from the up and down method in migrations.
UnusedImports Removes unused import statements.
UseAnonymousMigrations Prefer returning an anonymous class from migration files.

General PHP

  • AlphabeticalImports
  • ExcessSpaceBetweenAndAfterImports
  • NewLineAtEndOfFile
  • UnusedImports


  • FullyQualifiedFacades
  • NoDatesPropertyOnModels
  • NoDocBlocksForMigrationUpDown
  • UseAnonymousMigrations


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email hello@tighten.co instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.