The CMS Pages Bundle provides a common set of pages for the Kunstmaan CMS - HomePage, ContentPage, and Separator Page

1.0.1 2016-02-16 14:17 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-25 04:08:49 UTC



This bundle includes some common pages for use with the KunstmaanBundlesCMS Content Management System.

  • Home Page
  • Content Page
  • Basic Content page, with templates for:
  • Full-width
  • Left sidebar
  • Right sidebar
  • Separator Page
  • Used as a menu separator (a node with no content)
  • @todo - include the current node menu for siblings for robots

All of the page templates are designed with TWBS 3.0 in mind, with a main layout.html.twig similar to:

<main class="container"> <!-- or .container-fluid -->
    {% block content %}
    <!-- templates are nested in a div.row -->
    {% endblock content %}

All of the pages are mapped superclasses, and meant to be used with Doctrine/ORM. Add fields to your entities, and extend the page you want for basic templating.

Override templates by overriding/extending the getDefaultView() in your entity.

Override possible templates by overriding/extending the getPageTemplates() in your entity.

Override possible page part admin configuration by overriding/extending the getPagePartAdminConfigurations() in your entity.

Override possible children by overriding/extending the getPossibleChildTypes() in your entity.

Override the AdminType by overriding/extending the getDefaultAdminType() in your entity.