Creating multi tenant saas from your Laravel app with ease

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Enabling awesome Software as a Service with the Laravel framework.

This is the successor of hyn/multi-tenant.

Feel free to show support by starring the project following progress via twitter and backing its development over at OpenCollective or GitHub Sponsors.

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Before you start, we highly recommend you to read the extensive online documentation.


To give this package a spin, install all components at once:

$ composer require tenancy/tenancy

Otherwise make sure to selectively install the components you need and at least the framework:

$ composer require tenancy/framework

After that you'll need to decide on and configure:


This repository is used for developing all tenancy packages.

Contributors need to use this repository for implementing code. All other repositories are READ-ONLY and overwritten on each subsplit push.

Please read our Governance documentation in case you'd like to get involved.

Local Testing

Testing the ecosystem locally is possible when:

  • You have Docker (and docker-compose) installed
  • You have Bash installed

When you have those requirements, you can simply run ./test in order to run the test in Docker containers. By default they will run the most recent versions of all our dependencies