This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Bridge to use Symfony Framework with ReactPHP

0.0.1-alpha7 2017-05-29 19:30 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-10-09 05:12:14 UTC


Installation & Requirements

To install this library with composer, run this command :

composer require react/http:dev-master
composer require teknoo/reactphp-symfony

This library requires :

* PHP 7+
* Composer
* Symfony 3.2+
* ReactPHP 0.6+


Via the Symfony Console :

#Env prod
bin/console reactphp:run -i -p 8080

#End dev
bin/console reactphp:run -i -p 8080 -e dev

Via a PHP file :

#!/usr/bin/env php

use React\EventLoop\Factory as LoopFactory;
use React\Socket\Server as SocketServer;
use React\Http\Server as HttpServer;
use Teknoo\ReactPHPBundle\Bridge\RequestBridge;
use Teknoo\ReactPHPBundle\Bridge\RequestListener;
use Teknoo\ReactPHPBundle\Service\DatesService;
use Symfony\Bridge\PsrHttpMessage\Factory\HttpFoundationFactory;
use Symfony\Bridge\PsrHttpMessage\Factory\DiactorosFactory;

require __DIR__.'/../app/autoload.php';
if (\file_exists(__DIR__.'/../var/bootstrap.php.cache')) {
    include_once __DIR__ . '/../var/bootstrap.php.cache';

$kernel = new AppKernel('prod', false);

$requestBridge = new RequestBridge(
    new DatesService(),
    new HttpFoundationFactory(),
    new DiactorosFactory()
$requestListener = new RequestListener($requestBridge);

//React Loop
$loop = LoopFactory::create();
//Create front socket server
$socket = new SocketServer(8080, $loop);

//Enable HTTP server
$server = new HttpServer($requestListener);

//Start loop and so the server


Richard Déloge - richarddeloge@gmail.com - Lead developer. Teknoo Software - http://teknoo.software

About Teknoo Software

Teknoo Software is a PHP software editor, founded by Richard Déloge. Teknoo Software's DNA is simple : Provide to our partners and to the community a set of high quality services or software, sharing knowledge and skills.


ReactPHP Symfony Bridge is licensed under the MIT License - see the licenses folder for details

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