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Provides a sensible default setup and more for Silverstripe projects built with elemental and bootstrap.


To install this module, run the following command:

composer require syntro/silverstripe-elemental-elementals


Title Customization

This module adds title configuration settings to elemental objects. These allow the configuration of

  • title tag
  • title alignment
  • title extra classes

These can be accessed in templates using $TitleTag, $TitleAlignment and $TitleExtraClasses. $TitleAlignment follows the bootstrap conventions and renders as start, center, end. If you want to quickly drop in support, you can use our preset to render the title as follows:

<% if $ShowTitle %>
    <% include ElementTitle %>
<% end_if %>

If you want to disable title editing for a specific element, set the following config:

  allow_title_customization: false

Editor and Content

See 📚 Editor configuration.

Spacing Between Elements

See 📚 Spacing.


See for mor info.