PHPStan for Silverstripe

5.0.0 2023-06-28 12:55 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-28 15:45:21 UTC


A module allowing PHPStan to work with Silverstripe.

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  • Support for DataObject::get(), ie. it understands you have a DataList of iterable SiteTree records.
  • Support for DataObject db, has_one, has_many and many_many magic properties and methods, ie. it knows SiteTree::Title is a string, that SiteTree::ParentID is an integer and that SiteTree::Parent() is a SiteTree record.
  • Support for singleton('SiteTree') and Injector::inst()->get('SiteTree'), ie. it knows these will return "SiteTree". If you override these with the injector, it'll also know what class you're actually using.
  • Support for config properties

This PHPStan module is able to reason about extensions installed specific to your project as it bootstraps the SilverStripe config system. So if you've added an extension to your Page object that adds an additional db field, PHPStan will be able to reason about it.

Composer Install

SilverStripe 5.X

composer require --dev syntro/silverstripe-phpstan ^5

For Silverstripe 4, see the corresponding branch.


  • SilverStripe 5.0+


Known Limitations / Gotchas

  • PHPStan checks if properties are actually initialized, read and written. This however does not apply to Silverstripes configuration properties. In order to tell PHPStan which of your properties are configuration values, you have to use the @config docblock.
  • The type of the owner property can't be reasoned about for extensions. You must use getOwner(). Related Issues: #1043 and #1044


This is a fork of the original symbiote/silverstripe-phpstan maintained by Symbiote & Contributors. We have created this, as the original repository seems to be no longer actively maintained.