Rector upgrades rules for Sylius

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v2.0 2024-03-12 10:39 UTC

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Last update: 2024-04-14 09:00:05 UTC


Installation Sylius-Standard 1.12+

Starting with Sylius-Standard 1.12 and above, we are providing a basic configuration to getting started with Sylius/SyliusRector. You can add rules or rule sets to your <project_root>/rector.php and reap benefits from Rector.

Installation pre Sylius-Standard 1.12

sylius/sylius-rector package requires at least PHP 8.0. Of course, if you use PHP in version 7.4 you can use rector/rector to upgrade your PHP version easily!

Then, when you meet the minimal requirements, run the following commands:

composer require sylius/sylius-rector --dev

Finally, create <project_root>/rector.php file with the following content:



use Rector\CodeQuality\Rector\Class_\InlineConstructorDefaultToPropertyRector;
use Rector\Config\RectorConfig;
use Rector\Set\ValueObject\LevelSetList;
use Sylius\SyliusRector\Set\SyliusPlus;

return static function (RectorConfig $rectorConfig): void {
    $rectorConfig->import(__DIR__ . '/vendor/sylius/sylius-rector/config/config.php');
        __DIR__ . '/src'

Learn Rector Faster

Rector is a tool that we develop and share for free, so anyone can save hundreds of hours on refactoring. But not everyone has time to understand Rector and AST complexity. You have 2 ways to speed this process up:

Both ways support us to and improve Rector in sustainable way by learning from practical projects.

Thank you note

We would like to thank @alexander-schranz for starting this initiative and setting up initial codebase structure.