PayPal plugin for Sylius.

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PayPal Plugin

Sylius Core Team’s plugin for PayPal Commerce Platform - the newest and most advanced of PayPal solutions.

Why should I use PayPal in my online business?

  • one of the most popular payment methods in the world;
  • worldwide network of 280+ millions consumers and 24+ millions merchants;
  • bank payouts are available in U.S., U.K., the E.U., Australia, and Canada;
  • PCI DSS and 3DS 2.0 compliance
  • full risk management, incl. customisable fraud tools & insight and dispute resolution via dynamic APIs.

What does this plugin give me?

  • official payment integration developed and maintained by the Sylius Core Team;
  • global support for over 100 currencies across 200+ markets;
  • two-side operations between Sylius & PayPal administration panels (payments, refunds, reports, etc.);
  • better conversion thanks to direct checkout from both product & cart page;
  • support for all credit & debit cards;
  • popular regional payment methods, i.e. iDeal, SEPA, Sofort, eps, Griopay or Przelewy24;
  • direct PayPal transactions with PayPal wallet
  1. Installation
  2. PayPal environment
  3. Onboarding
  4. Reports
  5. Processing payments
  6. Development

Supported branches

  • 1.3 (v1.3.*) - security fixes
  • 1.4 (v1.4.*) - bug fixes, improvements
  • master (v1.5.*) - new features