Laravel PSR-18 HTTP Client Bridge

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Provides a bridge to use the Laravel HTTP Client as PSR-18 (or Guzzle) HTTP Client, for usage with libraries that require such a Client. This allows you to:

  • 🤖 Use request fakes and assertions in your tests
  • 🔍 Debug requests in tools like Telescope or Pulse
  • 🐛 See requests in error trackers such as Flare or Sentry
  • 🚀 Etc.


Via Composer

composer require swisnl/laravel-psr-http-client-bridge


Simply instantiate the Swis\Laravel\Bridge\PsrHttpClient\Client and use it as you would use any other PSR-18 or Guzzle HTTP client.

$httpClient = new Swis\Laravel\Bridge\PsrHttpClient\Client();
$client = new My\Awesome\Api\Client($httpClient);

If you want to configure some request options, you can provide a callable that returns a PendingRequest.

$httpClient = new Swis\Laravel\Bridge\PsrHttpClient\Client(
    fn () => Http::withOptions(['proxy' => 'http://localhost:8125'])

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