Simple Slim Framework 3 skeleton with Twig, Monolog, ezSQL (mysqli). Also has sample of simple CRUD.

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Last update: 2022-06-26 23:49:47 UTC


This is a simple skeleton project for Slim 3 that includes Twig, Flash messages, Monolog & ezSQL.

Also theres same component, which is mostly required.

Twig template using SASS and bourbon family. Also included sample of "simple CRUD".


  • PHP 5.6.x or newer
  • MySQL Server 5.x or newer

Create your project:

$ composer create-project -n -s dev sunaryohadi/slim3-skeleton my-app


  • Create database and import crud.sql for sample daabase

Run it:

  1. $ cd my-app
  2. $ composer start
  3. Browse to http://localhost:8080

Key directories

  • private: Application code
  • private/src: All class files within the private namespace
  • private/templates: Twig template files
  • tmp/cache: Twig's Autocreated cache files
  • tmp/log: Log files
  • web: Webserver root
  • private/routes: Router file
  • private/vendor: Composer dependencies
  • private/sass: Sass files using

Key files

  • web/index.php: Entry point to Application
  • private/settings.php: Configuration
  • private/dependencies.php: Services for Pimple
  • private/middleware.php: Application middleware
  • private/routes/root.php: Main route are here
  • private/src/Action/HomeAction.php: Action class for the home page
  • private/templates/main.twig: Main base Twig Template
  • private/templates/home.twig: Twig template file for the home page