Consumer for synchronization products with sylius.

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The SuluSyliusConsumerBundle synchronizes entities from sylius to sulu by consuming messages produced by the SuluSyliusProducerPlugin. It allows to implement custom adapters for various entities like products, variant, ...

🚀  Installation and Documentation

Execute the following composer commands to add the bundle to the dependencies of your project:

composer require sulu/sylius-consumer-bundle

Afterwards, visit the bundle documentation to find out how to set up and configure the SuluSyliusConsumerBundle to your specific needs.

❤️  Support and Contributions

The Sulu content management system is a community-driven open source project backed by various partner companies. We are committed to a fully transparent development process and highly appreciate any contributions.

In case you have questions, we are happy to welcome you in our official Slack channel. If you found a bug or miss a specific feature, feel free to file a new issue with a respective title and description on the the sulu/SuluSyliusConsumerBundle repository.

📘  License

The Sulu content management system is released under the under terms of the MIT License.