High-Performance GRPC server for PHP applications

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RoadRunner GRPC Plugin

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RoadRunner GRPC is an open-source (MIT) high-performance PHP GRPC server build on top of RoadRunner. Server support both PHP and Golang services running within one application.


  • native Golang GRPC implementation compliant
  • minimal configuration, plug-and-play model
  • very fast, low footprint proxy
  • simple TLS configuration
  • debug tools included
  • Prometheus metrics
  • middleware and server customization support
  • code generation using protoc plugin (Plugin can be downloaded from the roadrunner releases page)
  • transport, message, worker error management
  • response error codes over php exceptions
  • works on Windows


You can find more information about RoadRunner GRPC plugin in the official documentation.


You can find example of GRPC application in example directory.

try Spiral Framework


MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information. Maintained by SpiralScout.