Code style and static analysis tools rulesets collection

v1.0.6 2021-08-24 16:18 UTC

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Last update: 2022-12-03 11:23:07 UTC


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This repository contains ruleset for static analyses tools. Currently supported:

Current codestyle is PSR-12.

PHP Codesniffer ruleset is located in config/ruleset.xml.

PHP CS Fixer ruleset is located in config/.php_cs

To apply it in your project do the following:

Install the package

composer require --dev spiral/code-style

Check the code

#vendor/bin/spiral-cs check <dir1> <dir2> <file1>....
vendor/bin/spiral-cs check src tests

Automatically fix the code style

#vendor/bin/spiral-cs fix <dir1> <dir2> <file1>....
vendor/bin/spiral-cs fix src tests