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This package adds state support to models. It combines concepts from the state pattern and state machines.

It is recommended that you're familiar with both patterns if you're going to use this package.

To give you a feel about how this package can be used, let's look at a quick example.

Imagine a model Payment, which has three possible states: Pending, Paid and Failed. This package allows you to represent each state as a separate class, handles serialization of states to the database behind the scenes, and allows for easy state transitions.

For the sake of our example, let's say that, depending on the state, the color of a payment should differ.

Here's what the Payment model would look like:

use Spatie\ModelStates\HasStates;

 * @property \App\States\PaymentState $state
class Payment extends Model
    use HasStates;

    protected function registerStates(): void
            ->addState('state', PaymentState::class)
            ->allowTransition(Pending::class, Paid::class)
            ->allowTransition(Pending::class, Failed::class, PendingToFailed::class);

This is what the abstract PaymentState class would look like:

use Spatie\ModelStates\State;

abstract class PaymentState extends State
    abstract public function color(): string;

Here's a concrete implementation of one state, the Paid state:

class Paid extends PaymentState
    public function color(): string
        return 'green';

And here's how it it used:

$payment = Payment::find(1);


echo $payment->state->color();


You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-model-states


Please refer to the docs to learn how to use this package.


composer test


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