Get notified when a queued job fails

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This package sends notifications if a queued job fails. Out of the box it can send a notification via mail and/or Slack. It leverages Laravel's native notification system.

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For Laravel versions 5.8 and 6.x, use v3.x of this package.

You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-failed-job-monitor

If you intend to use Slack notifications you should also install the guzzle client:

composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle

The service provider will automatically be registered.

Next, you must publish the config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=failed-job-monitor-config

This is the contents of the default configuration file. Here you can specify the notifiable to which the notifications should be sent. The default notifiable will use the variables specified in this config file.

return [

     * The notification that will be sent when a job fails.
    'notification' => \Spatie\FailedJobMonitor\Notification::class,

     * The notifiable to which the notification will be sent. The default
     * notifiable will use the mail and slack configuration specified
     * in this config file.
    'notifiable' => \Spatie\FailedJobMonitor\Notifiable::class,

     * By default notifications are sent for all failures. You can pass a callable to filter
     * out certain notifications. The given callable will receive the notification. If the callable
     * return false, the notification will not be sent.
    'notificationFilter' => null,

     * The channels to which the notification will be sent.
    'channels' => ['mail', 'slack'],

    'mail' => [
        'to' => [''],

    'slack' => [
        'webhook_url' => env('FAILED_JOB_SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL'),


Customizing the notification

The default notification class provided by this package has support for mail and Slack.

If you want to customize the notification you can specify your own notification class in the config file.

// config/failed-job-monitor.php
return [
    'notification' => \App\Notifications\CustomNotificationForFailedJobMonitor::class,

Customizing the notifiable

The default notifiable class provided by this package use the channels, mail and slack keys from the config file to determine how notifications must be sent

If you want to customize the notifiable you can specify your own notifiable class in the config file.

// config/failed-job-monitor.php
return [
    'notifiable' => \App\CustomNotifiableForFailedJobMonitor::class,

Filtering the notifications

To filter the notifications, pass a closure to the notificationFilter.

// config/failed-job-monitor.php
return [
    'notificationFilter' => function (Spatie\FailedJobMonitor\Notification $notification): bool
        return true;

The above works only that Laravel doesn't support closure serialization. Thus you will get the following error when you run php artisan config:cache

LogicException  : Your configuration files are not serializable.

It would thus be better to create a separate class and use a callable as the callback.


namespace App\Notifications;

use Spatie\FailedJobMonitor\Notification;

class FailedJobNotification
    public static function notificationFilter(Notification $notification): bool
        return true;

And reference it in the configuration file.

// config/failed-job-monitor.php
return [
    'notificationFilter' => [App\Notifications\FailedJobNotification::class, 'notificationFilter'],


If you configured the package correctly, you're done. You'll receive a notification when a queued job fails.


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If you've found a bug regarding security please mail instead of using the issue tracker.


A big thank you to Egor Talantsev for his help creating v2 of the package.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.