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Render Web Components

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dev-main 2024-02-22 11:03 UTC

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This extension provides tools to render Web Components with TYPO3.

TypoScript based rendering

tt_content.tx_myext_mycontentelement = WEBCOMPONENT
tt_content.tx_myext_mycontentelement {
  tagName = my-web-component
  properties { = header
    greeting = Hello World!

Generates the output:

    title="This is the title from the content element record"
    greeting="Hello World!"

DataProvider based rendering

You can populate the web component with PHP:

tt_content.tx_myext_mycontentelement = WEBCOMPONENT
tt_content.tx_myext_mycontentelement.dataProvider = Acme\MyExt\DataProvider\MyContentElementDataProvider

namespace Acme\MyExt\DataProvider;

use Sinso\Webcomponents\DataProvider\DataProviderInterface;
use Sinso\Webcomponents\DataProvider\Traits\ContentObjectRendererTrait;

class MyContentElementDataProvider implements DataProviderInterface
    use ContentObjectRendererTrait;

    public function getContent(array $inputData): ?string
        return '';

    public function getProperties(array $inputData): ?array
        return [
            'title' => $inputData['header'],
            'greeting' => 'Hello World!',

    public function getTagName(): ?string
        return 'my-web-component';

The 3 methods getContent(), getProperties() and getTagName() have a convention: They can return null and when any of them does that the web component is not rendered at all.