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Conifer is in Alpha. We consider the code production-ready, and breaking changes to the API are unlikely. Most of the code has been extracted from components already running in production.

However, there may be lingering bugs and, if necessary, breaking changes at this early stage.


For reference documentation, use-cases, and design principles, check out the docs.

Quick start

See the Installation docs to get Conifer installed for use in your theme or plugin.

Issues and Feature Requests

Please submit issues and feature requests directly to GitHub. We need guidance from the community about how people would like to use Conifer!


To get started hacking on Conifer itself, first install Lando, the official dev environment for Conifer and sole system requirement for developing Conifer. Note that you need Lando version beta.47 or rc.1. The transition to rc.2+ is a work in progress.

Then, just clone the repo and start up the dev environment:

git clone
cd conifer
lando start

Follow the prompts and you should have a local WordPress site running Conifer and its companion starter theme, Groot!

NOTE: there is currently a known issue with how Lando sets up pretty permalinks. They won't work before you configure them manually.

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Building a new release

Groot includes a script for building itself and creating a release. To create a tag and corresponding release called vX.Y.Z:

scripts/ vX.Y.Z

or using Lando:

lando release vX.Y.Z

This will create a .tar.gz and a .zip archive which you can upload to a new release on GitHub.

If you have hub installed, it will also prompt you to optionally create a release directly!