Based on giacocorsiglia/wordpress-stubs. Advanced Custom Fields function, class, and global variable declaration stubs for easier static analysis.

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Last update: 2022-05-12 00:14:28 UTC


This package provides stub declarations for Wordpress Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) core functions, classes, interfaces, and global variables. These stubs can help plugin and theme developers leverage static analysis tools.

The stubs are generated directly from the source using giacocorsiglia/stubs-generator. Needless to say, this library repackages a subset of WordPress ACF code, which is the work of the WordPress core ACF developers. Granted, it's a useless subset without the real thing!

Many thanks to GiacoCorsiglia, who did all the hard work on giacocorsiglia/wordpress-stubs, from which this is shamelessly ripped off.

* If you are using ACF Pro, see paulthewalton/acf-pro-stubs


Require this package as a dev-dependency with Composer:

composer require --dev paulthewalton/acf-stubs

Alternatively, you may download acf-stubs.php directly.

Usage for Intellisense

From Wordpress Stubs:

If your editor has trouble parsing all of WordPress, you may find the stubs useful for enabling code completion and related features. For example, here are instructions for usage with VSCode's Intelephense extension. (In my experience, however, Intelephense parses WordPress core just fine.)


This package is versioned to match the ACF version from which the stubs are generated. If any fixes to stubs are required, subsequent releases will be versioned as ACF_VERSION.X.

Generating stubs for a different ACF version

You should be running PHP 7.1 or later to follow these steps, so any function definitions that are polyfills for older versions of PHP are excluded from the stubs. Additionally, the Stubs Generator package at least requires PHP 7.1.

  1. Clone this repository and cd into it.
  2. Update "wpackagist-plugin/advanced-custom-fields": "X.X.X" in composer.json with your desired version.
  3. Run composer update
  4. Run ./

The acf-stubs.php file should now be updated. Feel free to submit a Pull Request if you'd like to see a release for a newer version. If things have fallen behind, please generate stubs for each missing version in a distinct commit so we can have a continuous release history.