A TOTP authenticator for use with silverstripe/mfa

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CI Silverstripe supported module

Log in to Silverstripe with an authenticator app on your phone as a secondary factor, using a time-based one-time password (TOTP).

This module provides a TOTP authenticator that plugs in to the silverstripe/mfa module.

For more information about TOTP, see RFC 6238.


composer require silverstripe/totp-authenticator


Encryption key

You will need to define an environment variable named SS_MFA_SECRET_KEY with a random secret key, which is used for encrypting the TOTP secret. The authentication method will not be available for use until this is correctly defined.

Please note that existing registered TOTP methods for users will not be usable on environments with different values for SS_MFA_SECRET_KEY than they were registered in.

There are many ways to create a random secret key, the easiest is by executing a php command on the command line. The secret key length depends on your specific information security controls, but 32 characters is a good baseline.

php -r 'echo substr(base64_encode(random_bytes(32)), 0, 32) . "\n";'

TOTP secret length

You can also configure the length of the TOTP secret. This is the code that is displayed to users when they register to use TOTP, for example "alternatively, enter this code manually into your app." The default length is 16 characters. If you do not want to support manual code entry in your project, you may want to increase the length in order to increase the entropy of the TOTP secret, however removing the secret from the UI will require adjustments to the React components. See the RegisterHandler.secret_length configuration property.

  secret_length: 64

TOTP code length

If you want to change the length of the TOTP codes the application accepts, you can adjust Method.code_length. The default length is 6 characters.

  code_length: 10

User help link

When this method is used on the website during the multi-factor login process, it may show a "find out more" link to user documentation. You can disable this by nullifying the configuration property RegisterHandler.user_help_link or you can change it to point to your own documentation instead:

  user_help_link: ''

TOTP issuer and label

The TOTP "issuer" is the Silverstripe site name (set in SiteConfig) by default, and the "label" is the member's email address by default. These are the values that show up in your authenticator app. You can change these if you need to use something else, by writing an extension on RegisterHandler:

class MyTOTPRegisterHandlerExtension extends Extension
    public function updateTotp(\OTPHP\TOTPInterface $totp, \SilverStripe\Security\Member $member)
        $totp->setIssuer('My web project');


See License


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If the issue does look like a new bug:

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  • Describe your environment as detailed as possible: Silverstripe version, Browser, PHP version, Operating System, any installed Silverstripe modules.

Please report security issues to the module maintainers directly. Please don't file security issues in the bug tracker.

Development and contribution

If you would like to make contributions to the module please ensure you raise a pull request and discuss with the module maintainers.