An abstraction around various documentation linters to make linting documentation easy for commercially supported Silverstripe CMS modules.

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An abstraction around various documentation linters to make linting markdown documentation easy.


This repository is intended for use by commercially supported Silverstripe CMS modules. Its linting rules are opinionated and may include rules which are specific to the documentation style and syntax used by those modules.


Add this package as a dev dependency

composer require --dev silverstripe/documentation-lint

You'll also need to allow the dealerdirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer plugin in the repository (this won't affect downstream users) so that the slevomat PHP linting rules are pulled in correctly.

    // ...
    "config": {
        "allow-plugins": {
            "dealerdirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer": true


Required software

You need nvm (or node installed with the right version - see .nvmrc) and yarn installed.


If you're using a shell other than bash (e.g. zsh) you'll need to set your node version before running the linting script, since your nvm installation is probably not set up in a way that it can be used in bash.

You also need getopt (enhanced) installed - which you probably do but the script will let you know if you don't.

Setup in the repository

You must add a .doclintrc file to the root of the repository which has markdown documentation you want linted. This file must contain a relative path to the directory which holds your documentation, and that path must end with a /.

For example:



Only the first line of the file will be used.


Simply run the command. By default it will assume you're running it from the directory that holds the .doclintrc file and that you want to lint markdown, php, and javascript within .md files.


To lint for a specific module (e.g. if you have multiple modules installed) you can pass the relative path to the folder containing the .doclintrc file.

vendor/bin/doclint vendor/silverstripe/developer-docs

If you want to specifically only lint one of markdown syntax, PHP codeblocks, or JavaScript codeblocks, use the appropriate flag(s).

vendor/bin/doclint -jp
# or
vendor/bin/doclint --with-js --with-php

To automatically fix any problems that can be automatically fixed, pass the --fix flag.

vendor/bin/doclint -f
# or
vendor/bin/doclint --fix


The following flags can be used with the doclint script:

long name short name description
--fix -f Fix any automatically fixable problems
--with-md -m Lint markdown syntax
--with-js -j Lint JavaScript code blocks
--with-php -p Lint PHP code blocks

If any language flag is passed, only the languages that are passed will be linted (or fixed if --fix is passed). If no language flags are passed, all languages will be linted.