Add advanced link functionality to Silverstripe.

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2.0.0-beta1 2023-03-02 18:09 UTC


This module provides a Link model and CMS interface for managing different types of links. Including:

  • Emails
  • External links
  • Links to pages within the CMS
  • Links to assets within the CMS
  • Phone numbers


Installation via composer.

GraphQL v4 - Silverstripe 4

composer require silverstripe/linkfield

GraphQL v3 - Silverstripe 4

composer require silverstripe/linkfield:^1

Sample usage

use SilverStripe\CMS\Model\SiteTree;
use SilverStripe\LinkField\DBLink;
use SilverStripe\LinkField\Link;
use SilverStripe\LinkField\LinkField;

class Page extends SiteTree
    private static array $db = [
        'DbLink' => DBLink::class

    private static array $has_one = [
        'HasOneLink' => Link::class,

    public function getCMSFields()
        $fields = parent::getCMSFields();


        return $fields;

Migrating from Version 1.0.0 or dev-master

Please be aware that in early versions of this module (and in untagged dev-master) there were no table names defined for our Link classes. These have now all been defined, which may mean that you need to rename your old tables, or migrate the data across.

EG: SilverStripe_LinkField_Models_Link needs to be migrated to LinkField_Link.

Migrating from Shae Dawson's Linkable module

Shae Dawson's Linkable module was a much loved, and much used module. It is, unfortunately, no longer maintained. We have provided some steps and tasks that we hope can be used to migrate your project from Linkable to LinkField.