A fresh take on blogging in Silverstripe set out to tackle the issue of a cluttered Site Tree.

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2.3.0 2015-11-23 03:08 UTC


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silverstripe/cms: ~3.1
silverstripe/lumberjack: ~1.1
silverstripe/tagfield: ^1.0

Suggested Modules

silverstripe/widgets: *
silverstripe/comments: *


composer require silverstripe/blog 2.0.x-dev

Upgrading legacy blog to 2.0

If you're upgrading from blog version 1.0 to 2.0 you will need to run the BlogMigrationTask. Run the task using dev/tasks/BlogMigrationTask either via the browser or sake CLI to migrate your legacy blog to the new version data structure.


Because your blog is part of the SiteTree, usage is the same as any other page.

By default, blog posts don't appear in the SiteTree, to avoid clutter. Instead they appear inside your blog as a GridField.

If you'd rather display your posts within the SiteTree, you can do so using SilverStripe config.

In mysite/_config/settings.yml

  show_in_sitetree: true