Adds security audit trail to SilverStripe.

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Silverstripe Auditor

CI Silverstripe supported module

Auditor module installs a series of extension hooks into the Framework to monitor activity of authenticated users. Audit trail is written into LOG_AUTH syslog facility through Monolog, and includes:

  • Login attempts (failed and successful)
  • Logouts
  • Page manipulations that may potentially affect the live site
  • Security-related changes such as Members being added to groups or permission changes.


composer require silverstripe/auditor

Custom audit trail

You can add your own logs to the audit trail by accessing the AuditLogger, which is easiest done through the Injector:

use SilverStripe\CMS\Controllers\ContentController;

class MyPageController extends ContentController
    private static $dependencies = [
        'auditLogger' => '%$AuditLogger'

AuditLogger is guaranteed to implement the PSR-3 LoggerInterface, events can be logged at multiple levels, with arbitrary context:

public function dostuff()
    $this->auditLogger->info('stuff happened');
    // You can also pass an arbitrary context array which will be included in the log.
    $this->auditLogger->warn('stuff happened', ['defcon' => 'amber']);

Here is what will appear in the audit log on your dev machine (the exact format will depend on your operating system):

Aug 24 11:09:02 SilverStripe_audit[80615]: stuff happened [] {"real_ip":"","url":"/do-stuff/","http_method":"GET","server":"localhost","referrer":null}
Aug 24 11:09:02 SilverStripe_audit[80615]: stuff happened {"defcon":"amber"} {"real_ip":"","url":"/do-stuff/","http_method":"GET","server":"localhost","referrer":null}


We are using a dynamically generated class for capturing database manipulation events. This class is cached, and in some cases it may retain an old, incorrect version of the class. You can wipe it by removing your cache, specifically the file called <ss-cache-dir>/<user>/.cache.CLC.SearchManipulateCapture_SilverStripeORMConnectMySQLDatabase.


Submitting a pull-request gives the highest likelihood of getting a bug fixed or a feature added.