Contact management module, allowing import, export, management, grouping and tagging of contacts

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1.3.3 2022-02-01 16:56 UTC

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Module that allows users to create, manage, group and bulk import/export contacts.

These contacts are generic objects and so are designed to be extended on (for example assigning to mailing lists, orders, quotes, etc).

Also adds autocomplete based filtering to the contact admin interface for easier searching of records.


This module was created by i-lateral.


Install this module either by downloading and adding to:


Then run: or # sake dev/build

Or alternativly add to your project's composer.json


In order to use this module you will need the following Silverstripe modules:

  • gridfield-bulk-editing-tools (v2.1.1+)
  • tagfield (any version)
  • silverstripe-autocomplete (v3.1.0+)


Once installed, fi you log into the admin interface, you will see a "Contacts" button on the left. Clicking it will take you to the contact management interface