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This bundle integrates the editorjs-php library into Symfony.

Instead of using the default block renderers in the library, this bundle creates a TwigBlockRenderer which renders all blocks as twig templates. This makes it very easy for you to override the rendered HTML for each block.


composer require setono/editorjs-bundle



use Setono\EditorJS\Parser\ParserInterface;
use Setono\EditorJS\Renderer\RendererInterface;

final class YourService
    public function __construct(
        private readonly ParserInterface $parser,
        private readonly RendererInterface $renderer
    ) {

    public function __invoke(string $json): string
        return $this->renderer->render($this->parser->parse($json));

Override rendered HTML

Each block has a corresponding Twig template inside the block directory. The template for the ListBlock looks like this for example:

{# @var block \Setono\EditorJS\Block\ListBlock #}
<{{ block.tag }}>
{% for item in block.items %}
    <li>{{ item|raw }}</li>
{% endfor %}
</{{ block.tag }}>

Just as other Twig templates you can easily override these templates.