A Symfony bundle that allows you to test if a user agent is a bot

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Detect if the user agent is a bot and act upon it. Under the hood this bundle uses the matomo-org/device-detector, but instead of just using that library this library has a very small subset of user agents that it checks first (i.e. major search engines). This makes it much faster in detecting those very common bots and hence speeds up your request cycle.


composer require setono/bot-detection-bundle

This installs and enables the plugin automatically if you're using Symfony Flex. If not, add the bundle manually to bundles.php.


You can use the bot detector in your services:


use Setono\BotDetectionBundle\BotDetector\BotDetectorInterface;

final class YourService
    private BotDetectorInterface $botDetector;

    public function __construct(BotDetectorInterface $botDetector)
        $this->botDetector = $botDetector;

    public function yourAction(): void
        if ($this->botDetector->isBotRequest()) {
            // do something to this bot!

        // ...

and you can use it inside your twig templates:

{% if is_bot_request() %}
    I knew you where a bot!
{% endif %}