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Go from Mini to Wumbo!

Wumbo is a framework for building simple web applications in PHP.


Install via Composer

Install Composer if you don't already have it present on your system.

To install the library, run the following command and you will get the latest version:

$ composer require secondtruth/wumbo:dev-main


Create a new file called public/index.php and add some code like this:

namespace Secondtruth\SampleWebsite;

use DI\Container;
use Secondtruth\Wumbo\Application;
use Secondtruth\Wumbo\View\Templating\TemplatingEngineInterface;
use Secondtruth\Wumbo\View\Templating\TwigEngine;
use Secondtruth\Wumbo\Loader\Routes\MultisiteRoutesLoader;

define('APP_ROOT', realpath(__DIR__ . '/..'));
define('CONFIG_DIR', APP_ROOT . '/config');

require APP_ROOT . '/vendor/autoload.php';

// Create a DI container to inject the dependencies you want to use.
// We use the PHP-DI container here, but you can use any other PSR-11 compatible container as well.
// In this example, we set Twig as our template engine.
$container = new Container();
$container->set(TemplatingEngineInterface::class, TwigEngine::create(APP_ROOT . '/resources/views', [
    'cache' => APP_ROOT . '/var/cache/twig',

// Create and set up a routes loader and give it to the application.
$routesLoader = new MultisiteRoutesLoader(CONFIG_DIR);
$routesLoader->registerSite(''); // Give the domain of your website

// Create a new Application instance and set routes loader and container.
$app = new Application($routesLoader, $container);
$app->setCachePath(APP_ROOT . '/var/cache');


Author, Credits and License

This project was created by Christian Neff (@secondtruth) and is licensed under the MIT license.

Thanks to all other Contributors!