This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

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CakePHP 3 Notifications Plugin

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Pre-Configured Application Template for CakePHP 3


This is just a brief installation guide. A much more detailed version will be available soon:

Use composer to install the package:

$ composer create-project scherersoftware/cake-app-template <project-name>

Stuff like MySQL user and password is configured by using PHP Dotenv. Be sure to set SESSION_COOKIE_NAME and MAIN_DOMAIN in the .env, as these values are mandatory for a correct session setup.

Next, setup your database. We're using cakephp/migrations for that:

$ bin/cake migrations migrate

Also run the migrations from Josegonzalez/CakeQueuesadilla, as we use this plugin to send out the restore password emails.

$ bin/cake migrations migrate -p Josegonzalez/CakeQueuesadilla

For the ModelHistory you have to run these migrations:

$ bin/cake migrations migrate -p ModelHistory

Now seed the database with a default user

$ bin/cake migrations seed

Default email:, default password: password

Be sure to have npm installed and make sure afterwards bower is installed globally:

$ npm install -g bower

Now we have to install some npm packages and the bower dependencies:

$ npm install

Install the bower dependencies:

$ bower install


This template is based on the CakePHP Application Skeleton

Also, we're using the following awesome open-source projects: