PHP library for accessing Yahoo Finance data

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This is a PHP client for Yahoo Finance API.

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Since YQL APIs have been discontinued in November 2017, this client is using non-official API endpoints for quotes, search and historical data.

⚠️ WARNING: These non-official APIs cannot be assumed stable and might break any time. Also, you might violate Yahoo's terms of service. So use them at your own risk.


Download via Composer:

composer require scheb/yahoo-finance-api

Alternatively you can also add the package directly to composer.json:

    "require": {
        "scheb/yahoo-finance-api": "^4.0"

and then tell Composer to install the package:

composer update scheb/yahoo-finance-api


use Scheb\YahooFinanceApi\ApiClient;
use Scheb\YahooFinanceApi\ApiClientFactory;
use GuzzleHttp\Client;

// Create a new client from the factory
$client = ApiClientFactory::createApiClient();

// Or use your own Guzzle client and pass it in
$options = [/*...*/];
$guzzleClient = new Client($options);
$client = ApiClientFactory::createApiClient($guzzleClient);

// Returns an array of Scheb\YahooFinanceApi\Results\SearchResult
$searchResult = $client->search("Apple");

// Returns an array of Scheb\YahooFinanceApi\Results\HistoricalData
$historicalData = $client->getHistoricalData("AAPL", ApiClient::INTERVAL_1_DAY, new \DateTime("-14 days"), new \DateTime("today"));

// Returns Scheb\YahooFinanceApi\Results\Quote
$exchangeRate = $client->getExchangeRate("USD", "EUR");

// Returns an array of Scheb\YahooFinanceApi\Results\Quote
$exchangeRates = $client->getExchangeRates([
    ["USD", "EUR"],
    ["EUR", "USD"],

// Returns Scheb\YahooFinanceApi\Results\Quote
$quote = $client->getQuote("AAPL");

// Returns an array of Scheb\YahooFinanceApi\Results\Quote
$quotes = $client->getQuotes(["AAPL", "GOOG"]);

Version Guidance

Version Status PHP Version
1.x EOL >= 5.3.0
2.x EOL >= 5.6.0
3.x EOL >= 5.6.0
4.x Maintained >= 7.1.3


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This bundle is available under the MIT license.