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Web-configurable forms

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Runtime choosing for Twig {% extends %} clause

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Run-time switchable and user-configurable twig layouts

Originally developed to use with BraincraftedBootstrapBundle theme switcher allows you to dynamically define twig extended templates at runtime. Also you can compile assets for your theme if you need. Current version supports theme configuration, so themes can be preconfigured (and have multiple configuration instances for single theme) as same as each configuration can be compiled separately.


Basic example

See tests for basic usage example. You can find simple ThemeInterface implementation and logic example.


To use theme switch you should simply extend a template name, returned by ThemeRegistry::getTemplate(theme,layout) method. This method returns a string representing really extended template (i.e. SomeTheme::some_layout.html.twig) or null

class MyTheme implements ThemeInterface {
    public function get($layout = 'base') {return 'MyBundle:MyTheme:base.html.twig';}
    public function all() {return array('base' => 'MyBundle:MyTheme:base.html.twig');}
    public function getType() {return 'my_theme';}
{# MyBundle:MyTheme:base.html.twig #}
Here your theme basic template goes.
{# MyBundle::base.twig.html #}
{% extends theme_registry.template('my_theme','base') %}

Fallback layout

To use theme switch in case you are not shure, that template exists you can use multi-extends twig clause and supply it with fallback template, i.e.

{# MyBundle::base.twig.html #}
{% extends [theme_registry.template('my_theme','base'), 'MyBundle::fallback.html.twig'] %}

The main idea is that 'my_theme' and 'base' strings could be replaced with variables populated from DB or user session. This allows you to dynamically select parent template for given conditions

Configurable themes

To use theme with theme configurations (theme instances) you should provide ThemeInstance object for the first argument to getTemplate. Configurable themes should implement ConfigurableThemeInterface to be able to be configured.

{# MyBundle::base.twig.html #}
{% extends theme_registry.template(themeInstance,'layout') %}

Compilable themes

Some themes should be processed before they can be used. For example, some theme assets should be compiled. To handle theese situations CompilableThemeInterface was created. Theme can be compiled by calling CompilableThemeInterface::compile() method. This way is best used with configurable interface, so you can compile different configurations of single theme.

As quick example there is an abstract base class for creating Bootstrap 3.0 based theme. You could implement the accessing methods which points the class to the bootstrap less template, vendor assets, etc and results in correctly compiled bootstrap.css on CompilableThemeInterface::compile() call.

Theme compilation method based on bootstrap compilation workflow from braincrafted/bootstrap-bundle