This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Saxulum CRUD

2.0-alpha18 2015-12-13 11:43 UTC


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  • php: >=5.4,
  • doctrine/common: ~2.4,
  • knplabs/knp-components: ~1.3,>=1.3.1,
  • symfony/form: ~2.8|~3.0,
  • symfony/http-kernel: ~2.8|~3.0,
  • symfony/routing: ~2.8|~3.0,
  • symfony/security: ~2.8|~3.0
  • twig/twig: ~1.2


Through Composer as saxulum/saxulum-crud.



Use the following trait within your controller: Saxulum\Crud\Controller\CrudTrait.

Base configuration

  • crudName: contains the lowercase name of the object, example: sample
  • crudObjectClass: contains the class name of the object, example: Saxulum\Crud\Entity\Sample

Advanced configuration

  • crudRoutePattern: contains a template pattern like: %s_%s
  • crudRolePattern: contains a template pattern like: role_%s_%s
  • crudTemplatePattern: contains a template pattern like: @SaxulumCrud/%s/%s.html.twig


  • crudAuthorizationChecker: contains an instance of the symfony authorization checker
  • crudDoctrine: contains an instance of the doctrine manager registry
  • crudPaginator: contains an instance of a knp paginator
  • crudFormFactory: contais an instance of a symfony form factory
  • crudUrlGenerator: contains an instance of symfony routing url generator
  • crudSecurity: deprecated by symfony 2.7, use crudAuthorizationChecker
  • crudTwig: contains an instance of the twig environment

Twig: form label generation

Use the following extension to use label generation: Saxulum\Crud\Twig\FormLabelExtension.

Within the form template you can use something like this:

{% block form_label %}
    {% spaceless %}
        {% if label is empty %}
            {% set label = prepareFormLabel(form) %}
        {% endif %}
        {{ parent() }}
    {% endspaceless %}
{% endblock form_label %}


The form name is day_edit, there is a collection field comestiblesWithinDay with a subfield called comestible. As you can see the _ within the name will be replaced by a ..

            comestibles_within_day: Consumption
            comestibles_within_day_collection.comestible: Comestible

Advanced names: If you want the underscore within the form name, work with camel case. Which means someFormName_edit will be converted to some_form_name.edit.