Laravel package to create admin panel.

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I do not recommend to using this package anymore. Recommended packages: filament, litstack, easypanel



Admin panel package for Laravel

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Sanjab is a Laravel package that helping Laravel developers create an admin panel for projects quickly.


CRUD List CRUD Form Login


  • Easy yet powerful.
  • Working directly with Eloquent models.
  • Eloquent relation & policy support.
  • Multiple input types and cards.
  • Setting support with no pain.
  • Extendable. Create a custom field or completely custom controller based on vue.js.
  • Dynamic Role/Permission support based on bouncer.
  • Customizable CRUD buttons and bulk actions support in few lines of code.
  • Multilingual inputs support based on laravel translatable.
  • Realtime notification tracking with toast and/or sound notification support.
  • Beautiful Material UI based on Material Dashboard.

Getting Started

First, you should install Sanjab on your Laravel project. Read installation guide here Here.


Sanjab has an elegant syntax.

For example, if you have a field called "name" in your model and it's a required field. you can define text field for that just in a few lines of code:

$this->widgets[] = TextWidget::create('name')

Now you have a field in your create/edit form, table column with search, sort support and show field, all done automatically.


Also autocomplete is supported for your favorite IDE.


You can find more information about Sanjab in documentation.

To ask a question read Support Guide.



Please see CHANGELOG for more information about what has changed recently.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.