Monitors errors and exceptions and reports them to Rollbar

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This library detects errors and exceptions in your application and sends them to Rollbar for alerts, reporting, and analysis.


If you've never used Rollbar before, sign up for a Rollbar account and follow the simple, three-step tour. In no time, you'll be capturing errors and exceptions thrown in your code.

If you already have a Rollbar account, log in to your Rollbar account. From the Settings > Project Access Token menu, click Create New Access Token. Copy the post_client_item value and paste it into the code below.

require 'vendor/autoload.php'; // composer require rollbar/rollbar:^2

  [ 'access_token' => '***', 'environment' => 'development' ]

For detailed usage instructions and configuration reference, refer to our PHP SDK docs.

Getting Help

Releases, Versions, and PHP Compatibility

Major releases of this library support major versions of PHP, as follows:

  • For PHP 8, choose the master branch.
  • For PHP 7, choose a 2.x release.
  • For PHP 5, choose a 1.x release.

To obtain a release, download an archive from the Releases page or use composer:

# for PHP 8 compatibility
$ composer require rollbar/rollbar:dev-master

# for PHP 7 compatibility
$ composer require rollbar/rollbar:^2

# for PHP 5 compatibility
$ composer require rollbar/rollbar:^1

Refer to for a complete history.


Rollbar-PHP is free software released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.