Objectified version of laravel configuration files

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Objectified version of laravel configuration files

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You can install the package via composer:

composer require rokde/laravel-configuration-objectified


Go to your config folder in your laravel project and replace the return [] statement with this (e.g. app.php):


use Rokde\LaravelConfigurationObjectified\Config\AppConfig;

return AppConfig::makeDefault()

If you want to configure something you can use typed methods. For example changing the locale in app.php will result in this:


use Rokde\LaravelConfigurationObjectified\Config\AppConfig;

return AppConfig::makeDefault()

These are the following Config classes with their corresponding config file

file Config
app.php AppConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
auth.php AuthConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
broadcasting.php BroadcastingConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
cache.php CacheConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
cors.php CorsConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
database.php DatabaseConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
filesystem.php FilesystemsConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
hashing.php HashingConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
logging.php LoggingConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
mail.php MailConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
queue.php QueueConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
sanctum.php SanctumConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
services.php ServicesConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
session.php SessionConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()
view.php ViewConfig::makeDefault()->toArray()


composer test


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