Number to words conversion support multi language.

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Number to words conversion support multi language.

Supported Language

  • id | Bahasa Indonesia
  • en | English
  • pt | Portuguese
  • soon


Version Compatibility

Laravel Terbilang
4.x 1.0.4
5.x 1.2.x
6.x 1.2.x
7.x 1.2.x
8.x 2.x
9.x 2.x
10.x 2.x


You can install the package via composer:

composer require riskihajar/terbilang:^2.0


Add Providers & Aliases

In the $providers array add the service providers for this package.


Add the facade of this package to the $aliases array.

'Terbilang' => Riskihajar\Terbilang\Facades\Terbilang::class,

Publish Configuration (Optional)

If you want customize configuration, you can run following command to publish config file

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Riskihajar\Terbilang\TerbilangServiceProvider"

This is the contents of the published config file:

return [
    'output' => [
        'date' => '{DAY} {MONTH} {YEAR}',

    'distance' => [
        'type' => \Riskihajar\Terbilang\Enums\DistanceDate::Day,
        'template' => '{YEAR} {MONTH} {DAY} {HOUR} {MINUTE} {SECOND}',
        'hide_zero_value' => true,
        'separator' => ' ',
        'terbilang' => false,
        'show' => [
            'year' => true,
            'month' => true,
            'day' => true,
            'hour' => true,
            'minute' => true,
            'second' => true,


Number To Words

Terbilang::make($number, $suffix, $prefix)

if you set locale to en

Terbilang::make(1000000); // one million

if you set locale to id

Terbilang::make(1000000); // satu juta
Prefix & Suffix

if you set locale to id

Terbilang::make(123456, ' rupiah', 'senilai ');
// senilai seratus dua puluh tiga ribu, empat ratus lima puluh enam rupiah

if you set locale to en

Terbilang::make(654321, ' dollars');
// six hundred and fifty-four thousand, three hundred and twenty-one dollars

Number to Roman

Terbilang::roman($number, $lowercase=false)

Terbilang::roman(1234); // MCCXXXIV

Number Large Number Conversion

Terbilang::short($number, $format)

Available short hand : kilo, million, billion, trillion

Default value : million

if you set locale to en

Terbilang::short(1000000); // 1M

if you set locale to id

Terbilang::short(1000000); // 1jt


Date Terbilang::date($date, $format='Y-m-d');
$date = date('Y-m-d'); // 2015-03-31
// Result : tiga puluh satu maret dua ribu lima belas
Time Terbilang::time($date, $format='h:i:s');
$date = date('h:i:s'); //10:56:30
// Result : sepuluh lewat lima puluh enam menit tiga puluh tiga detik
Date Time Terbilang::datetime($date, $format='Y-m-d h:i:s');
$date = date('Y-m-d h:i:s'); // 2015-03-31 10:58:27
// Result : tiga puluh satu maret dua ribu lima belas pukul sepuluh lewat lima puluh delapan menit dua puluh tujuh detik
Using Carbon

if using carbon, you can ignore $format

$dt = Carbon\Carbon::now('Asia/Makassar');

$date = Terbilang::date($dt);
$time = Terbilang::time($dt);
$datetime = Terbilang::datetime($dt);

Distance Date

You can diff two dates or just one date and automaticly with current date use method Terbilang::distance($start, $end=null, $format=null)

Config for distance format
'distance' => [
     'type' => 'FULL',
     'format' => '{YEAR} {MONTH} {DAY} {HOUR} {MINUTE} {SECOND}',
     'hide_zero_value' => true,
     'separator' => ' ',
     'terbilang' => false,
     'show' => [
         'year' => true,
         'month' => true,
         'day' => true,
         'hour' => true,
         'minute' => true,
         'second' => true,
Example Distance
$date1 = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('2017-05-01')); // dateformat must Y-m-d H:i:s
$date2 = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('2017-06-15 09:30:15'));

// this method will diff $date1 with current datetime value for example current datetime : 2017-09-08 15:17:54
Terbilang::period($date1); // Result : 4 months 8 days 15 hours 17 minutes 54 seconds

Terbilang::period($date1, $date2); // Result : 1 months 15 days 9 hours 30 minutes 15 seconds

// if you set locale to id
Terbilang::period($date1, $date2); // Result : 1 bulan 15 hari 9 jam 30 menit 15 detik

// if you set config period.terbilang to true
Terbilang::period($date1, $date2); // Result : satu bulan lima belas hari sembilan jam tiga puluh menit lima belas detik

// if you set config period.type to DAY
Terbilang::period($date1, $date2); // Result : 45 hari


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