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Laravel Vapor Support

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A small support package to help large Vapor applications which may occasionally hit "Internal Server Error" due to large request sizes.

This package provides a middleware to monitor the main response:

  • Illuminate\Http\Response
  • Illuminate\Http\JsonResponse
  • Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\BinaryFileResponse

There is also support for:

  • Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\StreamedResponse

However, because a streamed response length is generally unknown, by default a 'info' level log is recorded to aid debugging.

This package provides a middleware which can be used to monitor the length of the response body. This allows you to be notified if a page is starting to exceed the Vapor/AWS limits. The default logs included allow for route name (if set), url and size to be logged to help you pinpoint any pages of concern.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require richardstyles/laravel-vapor-support

You can publish the config file with:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="laravel-vapor-support-config"

This is the contents of the published config file:

return [
    'warning_size' => env('VAPOR_SUPPORT_RESPONSE_WARNING_SIZE', 5000000),
    'warning_action' => \RichardStyles\LaravelVaporSupport\Actions\ResponseSizeWarning::class,

    'limit_size' => env('VAPOR_SUPPORT_RESPONSE_LIMIT_SIZE', 6000000),
    'limit_action' => \RichardStyles\LaravelVaporSupport\Actions\ResponseSizeLimit::class,

    'stream_action' => \RichardStyles\LaravelVaporSupport\Actions\StreamResponseMonitor::class,


Simply add the middleware to either the Kernal.


protected $middlewareGroups = [
        'web' => [

Or as a named middleware to use on individual routes.

protected $routeMiddleware = [
        'response.monitor' => \RichardStyles\LaravelVaporSupport\Http\Middleware\ResponseLimitMonitor::class,

For monitoring response sizes (in bytes), these can be set in your .ENV, or by modifying the config.

Examples set very low


Using the example above would cause;

  • The Warning class run when response body exceeds "1000" bytes.
  • The Limit class runs when response body exceeds "5000" bytes.

The config also allows the base classes to be overridden. The Limit and Warning classes must implement RichardStyles\LaravelVaporSupport\Contracts\HandlesResponsesLimit The stream response should implement RichardStyles\LaravelVaporSupport\Contracts\HandlesStreamResponse as with streamed responses you cannot easily know it's length.

The default actions taken by this package is to Log either:

  • Log info on streamed response
  • Log warning when request length exceeds warning_size
  • Log critical when request length exceeds limit_size

By implementing your own classes and setting these within the config vapor-support you can notify/alert however your application requires, such as to Bugsnag or other third party services.


composer test


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