Jadd : Another Documentation Dumper

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Jadd : Another Documentation Dumper

Why ?

  • Because we love reading documentation on REST API.
  • We really don't like writing documentation.
  • We really don't like updating documentation.
  • Annotations are evil

How ?

2 steps are needed

Collect the responses during functional tests

Of course you have tests for your API. So why not connecting to it and record all the cases you test ?

If you use php-http, we provide a middleware to collect the data during your tests. Have a look on the test to be sure how to use it.

Consolidate routing file

Then just need to run the bin/jadd generate <myRoutingFile> <outputFile>

It will parse your routes and consolidate the responses with tests recording.

Best place would be in onSuccess hook of your CI.


For now, we support only install on PHP project through composer :

composer require --dev rezzza/jadd:dev-master

Routing supported

  • Symfony YAML (Don't support YAML + @Route Annotation in Controller)

Output supported