This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the symplify/phpstan-rules package instead.

PHPStan rules for Rector projects - with focus on static reflection and Rector design patterns

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Deprecated - switch to symplify/phpstan-rules

This package is deprecated, as it was barely used and even little maintained. We've moved to more live and maintained package symplify/phpstan-rules to give it more love:

Flip packages:

composer remove rector/phpstan-rules
composer require symplify/phpstan-rules --dev

Update your phpstan.neon:

# phpstan.neon
-    - vendor/rector/phpstan-rules/config/rector-rules.neon
+    - vendor/symplify/phpstan-rules/config/rector-rules.neon

PHPStan rules for Rector and projects that maintain Rector rulesets.


composer require rector/phpstan-rules --dev