Detect leaking classes

0.2.6 2023-11-21 01:15 UTC


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Find leaking classes that you never use... and get rid of them.


composer require tomasvotruba/class-leak --dev


Pass directories you want to check:

vendor/bin/class-leak check bin src

Make sure to exclude /tests directories, to keep reporting classes that are used in tests, but never used in the code-base.

Many types are excluded by default, as they're collected by framework magic, e.g. console command classes. To exclude another class, e.g. your interface collector, use --skip-type:

vendor/bin/class-leak check bin src --skip-type="App\\Contract\\SomeInterface"

What if your classes do no implement any type? Use --skip-suffix instead:

vendor/bin/class-leak check bin src --skip-suffix "Controller"

Happy coding!