A fluent filesystem package for PHP.

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A fluent filesystem package for PHP

This package helps you to speed up the process of moving and copying files. It also makes replacing namespaces much easier, thus making it an invaluable tool for heavy filesystem tasks. Enjoy!


This package is only updated until Laravel 10.

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You can install the package via composer:

composer require ralphjsmit/filesystem


This package works by providing you with a base Stub class and a File class. As the name implies, the Stub class is an object that contains specific configuration, like the namespaces and the base directory. The File class is used to represent an individual file.

Creating a Stub configuration

You can create a new Stub configuration with Stub::new():

use RalphJSmit\Filesystem\Stub;

$stub = Stub::new();

You can use a Stub configuration like this (I'll talk more about file actions below):

$stub->getFile(__DIR__ . '/tmp/testFileA.php')->move(__DIR__ . '/tmp/otherFolder');

You can also set a base directory for your Stub:

$stub = Stub::dir(__DIR__);


If you already have a $stub instance, you can configure namespaces on them. Those namespaces are used on the File object for the ->namespace() action. It basically means that you define the directories for each namespace in your project.

$stubs = Stub::dir(__DIR__)->namespaces([
    'Support' => '/src/Support/',
    'Domain' => '/src/Domain/',
    'App' => '/src/App/',

// Moves __DIR__ . `/tmp/testFileA.php` to __DIR__ . `/src/Support/Models/testFileA.php`.

You can also have multiple stub configurations at the same time:

$stubA = Stub::dir(__DIR__ . '/src');
$stubB = Stub::dir(__DIR__ . '/app');
$stubC = Stub::dir(__DIR__ . '/tmp');

Getting a File object

You can get a File object by directly calling file() on the Stub class:

$file = Stub::file(__DIR__ . '/tmp/testFileA.php');

You can also get a File object from a $stub instance:

$stub = Stub::dir(__DIR__);

$file = $stub->getFile('/tmp/testFileA.php');

Actions on a File object

If you have a File object, you can perform the following actions on it:

Copying a file

You can copy a file to a new directory using the copy() function:

$file = Stub::dir(__DIR__)->getFile('/tmp/testFileA.php')->copy('/tmp/test');
// $file is now in __DIR__ . '/tmp/testFileA.php' AND in __DIR__ . '/tmp/test/testFileA.php'

Deleting a file

You can delete a file using the delete() function:

// returns true on success

Getting the basename of a file

You can get the basename of a file using the getBasename() function:

// 'testFileA.php'

Getting the directory location of a file

You can get the location of the directory of a file using the getDirectory() function:

// __DIR__ . '/tmp'

Getting the full path of a file

You can get the full path of a file using the getFilepath() function:

// __DIR__ . '/testFileA.php'

Getting the file contents

You can get the contents of a file using the getContents() function:

$contents = Stub::dir(__DIR__)->getFile('/tmp/testFileA.php')->getContents();

Moving a file

You can move a file to a new directory using the move() function:

$file = Stub::dir(__DIR__)->getFile('/tmp/testFileA.php')->move('/tmp/test');
// $file is now in __DIR__ . '/tmp/test/testFileA.php'

Updating the namespace of a file

You may update the namespace of a file and move it to the correct directory with the namespace() helper. This is ideal if you need to move a PHP-file to a new directory and update its namespace. I use this technique in the ralphjsmit/tall-install package.

$basePath = __DIR__;

$stubs = Stub::dir($basePath)->namespaces([
    'Support' => '/src/Support/',
    'Domain' => '/src/Domain/',
    'App' => '/src/App/',

// file is not in __DIR__ . '/src/Support/App/Console/Kernel.php'

Checkout a real-life example from one of my packages.

Updating the contents of a file

You may update the contents of a file with the putFile() method:

$newContents = 'Hello world!';

$file = Stub::dir(__DIR__)->getFile('/tmp/testFileA.php')->putFile($newContents);

You may also specify a new location for the file:

$newContents = 'Hello world!';

$file = Stub::dir(__DIR__)->getFile('/tmp/testFileA.php')->putFile($newContents, '/tmp/test/myFile.php');
// Will create a file with the "Hello world!" in __DIR__ . '/tmp/test/myFile.php`
// Old file will still exist

If you just want to move or copy a file, you should use those methods.

Updating the namespace of a file

You may replace the namespace of a file with the replaceNamespace($newNamespace) method:

$file = Stub::dir(__DIR)->getFile('/tmp/test/MyClass.php');


// $file will now have the namespace App\Models


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