A set of handy filesystem testing helpers for Pest.

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Last update: 2023-03-17 17:26:18 UTC


Testing with Pest is an absolute pleasure, but sometimes you just need that little bit extra. In my case, that extra was a set of expectations and functions to interact with the filesystem and make assertions on it. Below I made a list with all the helpers currently available. Enjoy!

Run Tests


  1. Expectations
    1. expect(...)->toHaveContents()
    2. expect(...)->toExist()
    3. expect(...)->toHaveNamespace()
  2. Higher-order expectations
    1. expect(...)->contents->toBe(...)
  3. Functions
    1. rm($path, $allowNonExisting)
    2. rmdir_recursive($dir)
    3. contents($path)
    4. expectFailedAssertion()



Test whether a file has certain contents:

file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileA.php', 'I\'m a test file!');
file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileB.php', 'I\'m a second test file!');

expect(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileA.php')->toHaveContents('I\'m a test file!');
expect(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileB.php')->not->toHaveContents('I\'m a test file!');


Test whether a file exists:

expect(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileA.php')->toExist();


Test whether a file has a certain namespace (PHP-only):

expect(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileA.php')->toHaveNamespace('App\Models');

Higher-order expectations


Make assertions on the contents of a file:

file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileA.php', 'I\'m a test file!');

expect(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileA.php')
    ->contents->toBe('I\'m a test file!')
    ->toContain('test file')
    ->not->toContain('Hello world');


rm($path, $allowNonExisting)

Completely remove a file or directory:

use function RalphJSmit\PestPluginFilesystem\rm;

rm(__DIR__ . '/tmp'); // Make sure that this file or directory doesn't exist

file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileA.php', 'I\'m a test file!');
file_put_contents(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileB.php', 'I\'m a second test file!');

// Other code


This function recursively deletes a folder, including its contents. Internally this is used by the rm() function:

use function RalphJSmit\PestPluginFilesystem\rmdir_recursive;

rmdir_recursive(__DIR__ . '/tmp'); // Recursively remove this directory


Gets the file contents of a certain file. Its simply a shorter wrapper for file_get_contents():

use function RalphJSmit\PestPluginFilesystem\contents;

    contents(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileA.php')
    contents(__DIR__ . '/tmp/fileB.php')


Note that this helper will be added to another package soon and thus be removed here.

Expect a failed assertion. Helpful for testing your own custom Pest assertions:

use function RalphJSmit\PestPluginFilesystem\expectFailedAssertion;


// This test will pass
// Somewhere
expect()->extend('toBeHello', function () {
    return $this->toBe('Hello there');

// In your test
use function RalphJSmit\PestPluginFilesystem\expectFailedAssertion;

expect('Hello there')->toBeHello(); // This will pass

expect('Bye')->toBeHello(); // This will pass

expect('Hello there')->toBeHello(); // This will fail


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