Vortex Adventures - Vortex Online Incharacter Database

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License CakePHP


Vortex Adventues - Vortex Online Incharacter Database


Download Composer or update composer self-update.

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run composer install
    If this didn't create the config/app.php (or set folder permissions), then run this command again.
  3. Run ./bin/cake admin checks
    • Fix everything it reports as NOT ok (the red lines).
    • This mostly consists of reading and editing config/app.php.
    • There you need to setup the 'Datasources' and any other configuration relevant for your site.
    • The database tables can be created with Migrations ./bin/cake migrations migrate
  4. Configure apache to serve the webroot folder.
  5. Browse to /admin/checks
    • Again, fix everything it reports as NOT ok.
  6. Optionally: load some initial database content with ./bin/cake migrations seed


  1. ./bin/cake backup export
    • Make a backup of your data.
  2. git pull
    • Retrieves the latest code
  3. composer update
    • Installs/updates package dependencies.
    • This is required if composer.json was modified, otherwise it is still recommended.
  4. ./bin/cake migrations migrate
    • Updates the database table structure(s).
  5. ./bin/cake backup export
    • Optionaly: create a backup before resuming regular usage/operations.

Database backups

Database backups can be listed, exported and imported using the CLI.

  • ./bin/cake backup lists all the database backups present.
  • ./bin/cake backup export [description] will created a new backup file.
  • ./bin/cake backup import <file> Import a backup (or any other) sql file.

This tool uses the commandline mysql and mysqldump commands internally.
The created backup files are stored in the backups/ folder.

Warning: old backups might not be compatible with newer tables structures. It is possible to use cake migrations to revert to an earlier database structure. Don't forget to save your data / make a backup before doing this!