A Command Line Interface (CLI) for managing Puli projects.

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Latest release: 1.0.0-beta10

PHP >= 5.3.9

The Puli Command Line Interface gives access to the Puli Manager via your favorite terminal. The following is a list of the currently supported commands:

Command Description
Resource Mappings
puli map Display all path mappings
puli map <path> <file>... Map a repository path to one or several file paths
puli map -u <path> Update the mapping for a repository path
puli map -d <path> Delete the mapping for a repository path
Resource Bindings
puli type Display all binding types
puli type --define <type> Define a new binding type
puli type -d <type> Remove a defined binding type
puli bind Display all resource bindings
puli bind <glob> <type> Bind resources to a type
puli bind -u <uuid> Update a resource binding
puli bind -d <uuid> Delete a resource binding
puli bind --enable <uuid> Enable a binding of an installed package
puli bind --disable <uuid> Disable a binding of an installed package
Public Resources
puli publish List mapped public resources
puli publish <path> <server> Publish a resource path to a server
puli publish -u <uuid> Update a published resource
puli publish -d <uuid> Delete a published resource
puli server List all servers
puli server -a <name> <doc-root> Add a server
puli server -u <name> Update a server
puli server -d <name> Delete a server
puli build Build the repository and the discovery
puli package Display all installed packages
puli package --add <path> <name> Add a custom package
puli package -d <name> Remove an installed package
puli package --clean Remove all non-existing packages
puli config Show the current configuration
puli config -a Show the current configuration (including default values)
puli config <key> Show the current value of a configuration key
puli config <key> <value> Change a configuration key
puli config -d <key> Remove a configuration key (reset to default)
Repository Access
puli ls <path> List the child resources of a resource path
puli tree <path> Print a resource and its children as tree
puli find --name <glob> Find resources matching a glob
puli find --type <type> Find resources bound to a binding type
Plugin Management
puli plugin List the currently installed plugins
puli plugin --install <class> Install a plugin class
puli plugin -d <class> Remove a plugin class
puli self-update Update puli.phar

Run any of the commands with the -h option to find out more about other supported options.



Follow the Installation guide guide to install Puli in your project.


Read the Puli Documentation to learn more about Puli.


Contributions to are very welcome!


If you are having problems, send a mail to bschussek@gmail.com or shout out to @webmozart on Twitter.


All contents of this package are licensed under the MIT license.